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Human beings

Human beings are gaps
where new things are constantly born.

Kim Chiha

Too long

Too long have workers been waiting for some Moses to lead them out of bondage. I would not lead you out, even if I could. Because if I could lead you out, someone else could lead you back in. I would have you make up your minds that there is nothing that you cannot do for yourselves.

Eugene V. Debs

Questo infinito

Questo infinito che le cose non hanno in progresso, hanno in giro.

Fernando Galiani


Insubordination is the silver lining in the cloud of obedience.

T-Bone Slim

Goddamn it Horton

Goddamn it Horton, you tell us what to do!

worker speaking to CIO organizer Myles Horton during a strike (Horton didn't tell them what to do)


Accouche! accouchez!
Will you rot your own fruit in yourself there?
Will you squat and stifle there?

Walt Whitman

A Song of the Rolling Earth

Adulto? Mai

Adulto? Mai -- mai, come l'esistenza
que no matura -- resta sempre acerba,
di splendido giorno en splendido giorno...
Pari, sempre pari con l'inespresso,
all'origine di quello che io sono.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

lo que sabemos

Es tan poco lo que sabemos
y tanto lo que presumimos
y tan lentamente aprendemos,
que preguntamos, y morimos.

Pablo Neruda

the practice of democracy in organizing

The practice of democracy in organizing is the organizing of democracy in practice.

after Ira Shor


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