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L'insurgeance est la source vive de la vraie démocratie.

Miguel Abensour

La Démocratie contre l'Etat


La nature de l’homme est d’être libre et de vouloir l’être, mais il prend facilement un autre pli lorsque l’éducation le lui donne.

Étienne de La Boétie

Discours de la servitude volontaire


Maître est celui qui enferme une intelligence dans le cercle arbitraire d'óu elle ne sortira qu'à se rendre à elle-même nécessaire. Pour émanciper un ignorant, il faut et il suffit d'être soi-même émancipé, c'est-a-dire conscient du véritable pouvoir de l'esprit humain.

Jacques Ranciere

Le Maitre Ignorant


In such an adventure two things happen: our habitual values... are thrown into disarray. And we enter into Utopia's proper and newfound space: the education of desire. This is not the same as "a moral education" towards a given end: it is, rather, to open a way to aspiration, to "teach desire to desire, to desire better, to desire more, and above all to desire in a different way."

E.P. Thompson, Miguel Abensour

William Morris, Romantic to Revolutionary


You must let a man work on the lines he really likes. No man ever does good work unless he likes it: evasion is all you can get out of him by compulsion.

William Morris

William Morris, Romantic to Revolutionary


I intend to create a box without walls... one that allows its occupants to tread wherever their feet might lead and stretch their arms as wide as they wish... its lid... the transparent blue of the sky and its bottom... the fathomless depths of the earth upon which we stand.

Kishida Toshiko

Daughters in Boxes (The Modern Murasaki: Writing by Women of Meiji Japan)


My business... is to spread discontent. I do not think this is an unimportant office; for, as discontent spreads, the yearning for bettering the state of things spreads with it.

William Morris

William Morris, Romantic to Revolutionary


The whole of the domination of the upper classes is founded on deliberate injustice; and that injustice I want you to feel, because when you once feel that you are slaves... then the emancipation of labour is at hand...

William Morris

William Morris, Romantic to Revolutionary


...To say the truth betwixt the smooth and the rough
It was work and hope went with it, and I liked it well enough.

William Morris

The Pilgrims of Hope


If a chap can't compose an epic poem while he's weaving tapestry he had better shut up; he'll never do any good at all.

William Morris


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