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Another technique to learn about: LegoViews

Ran into this by accident in a post by Forokoop. It has strong similarities with the Engineer's Beans and other techniques on this website. The interviews look fascinating, including one with Michael Warshawski -- who I met years ago. (

What is LegoViews?

"LegoViews is a blog with research notes about experiments and random ideas based on or inspired by the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method.
"LegoViews is an innovative investigative method which delves into reality through the use of LEGO bricks; it has been developed since 2009 by Patrizia Bertini based on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.
"LegoViews are like interviews but the questions are answered through the use of the world famous LEGO bricks. Rather than simply talking, interviewees build their answers with colourful bricks and together we engage in a different and exciting journey. We literally construct together the interview, talking, playing an reflecting on the topics at hand. [Read more]"