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This website offers tools for education for democratic self-organization and reflections on their use. I hope it will provide a space for discussion and exploration of the use of "popular education" in movement building -- guided by a commitment to equality and democracy. See the website guidelines for more about the mechanics of the site. - Matt Noyes

The Workers' Inspiration: Horizontal Education for Union Democracy

"The most important challenge for labor and society in the twenty-first century is the question of democracy."
— Elaine Bernard

Boston, 2000, lunchbreak at a small convention center during a one day conference sponsored by the Association for Union Democracy and Carpenters for a Democratic Union (CDU) for a hundred plus members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters from Boston and around the US.

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As it should always be, given the subject matter.
(Accouche! accouchez!
Will you rot your own fruit in yourself there?
Will you squat and stifle there?)

Let's hope not. Here's what this site is for:

To publish "The Workers' Inspiration: Popular Education for Union Democracy " a handbook of educational strategy and technique for workers, activists and educators, based on my work at The Association for Union Democracy.


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