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Wikipedia 66

This game, loosely based on "Philipps 66" in Técnicas Participativas Para la Educación Popular, is a way to introduce background information from Wikipedia (and such) through engaged reading and summarizing.

The Flow:

  • The joker explains and motivates the game: [______] is a new topic/person/thing about which we can get background information online.
  • In this game teams of six people will have six minutes to read the Wikipedia entry about this subject (displayed on the screen, or on the handout, or on your smartphone), and prepare a summary of the key points.
  • When the six minutes are up, a player from each team will take turns presenting their summaries to the judges.
  • The judges' role is to listen to the summaries and tell the class if they understand the subject. (They should be recruited on the basis of not knowing anything about the topic. During the game, they should have no access to the Wikipedia entry or other information.)
  • The joker displays the Wikipedia entry and says, "go!"
  • When six minutes are up, Joker calls stop and the reports-back begin.
  • Each time, the judges are asked if they understand the topic clearly. The joker, and players from other groups, can test the judges' understanding.
  • The game ends with the judges summarizing the topic and the whole class comparing it to the Wikipedia entry.
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