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Silent Story

In this activity, the joker uses drawings to tell a story without speaking.

The flow:

Joker deals playing cards to participants, two or three cards each. (To equalize participation but maintain some freedom to choose when to participate use playing cards as talking chits.)

Joker starts to tell a short story by drawing simple pictures on the board (or large paper). The joker pauses frequently so that participants can describe what they see, telling the story to the whole group. If they are right, the joker can indicate that (like in charades). If they are wrong, the joker can alter the drawing or just go on. (Don't get hung up on details.)

(Each time a participant speaks, s/he must play a card. Once she has played all her cards, she can't speak until all the others have played all their cards, too.)

The game ends when the joker reaches the end of the story. Then,
the joker asks the participants to dictate the whole story, writing what they say verbatim on the board (leave space for this), or
the joker writes down what the participants said, checking with them to see if s/her properly heard/remembered what they said.

The joker can then speak, telling the story so the group can compare their version of the story with what the joker intended to tell.

The spirit of this is light, it's a game, if the story the participants come up with is wildly wrong, the joker should just go on -- the contrast between the joker's intended story and the one created by the participants should be humorous.


Have another participant be the scribe, who records the story as it emerges, then reads it out at the end.

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