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Two facilitation problems

At a recent workshop on participatory techniques for worker education I had the chance to be a participant, giving me the opportunity to study facilitation from the other side of the equation. While the facilitator was quite good, she made a couple of mistakes that are worth describing so as to watch out for them. (It's so much easier to troubleshoot other's mistakes!)

At the end of the workshop, with about 20 minutes to go, the facilitator suggested the group (20 people) do a quick go around, with each person re-introducing herself and making one comment about the workshop.

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How to use me

Are you planning a workshop or other education activity and looking for advice or feedback? Want to use activities from this site, but not sure how to adapt them to fit your circumstances? Send me an email and we can set up a time to skype or conference. I'm happy to share experiences and provide feedback or a sounding board for your planning process. Of course it all depends on how busy I am at the time, but it's a good way to use me, so give it a try!

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I apologize for website glitches (like the fact that the popular education handbook is not showing up!) I recently upgraded the software and databases and have some work to do. I'll try to get it fixed asap!

Welcome Vermonters!

My friend and collaborator Charley MacMartin tells me that friends of his may visit this site looking for the problem tree. Welcome! Please do register and also let me know if you have questions, comments, suggestions, links etc.

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Popular Education for Union Democracy: activities now online

I have made some progress: you can now find one activity from each chapter in the handbook: Popular Education for Union Democracy, along with an introductory piece that lists all the activities from that chapter and puts them in context.

Click on the link at left for a full table of contents.

Please let others know about the site and feel free to register and comment.

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Adjustments committee

Put this in glossary and also in action?

Source: Theresa El Amin, Ira Shor

Negotiating control over the education process, good test of democratic facilitation and group's capacity for control.

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New on this website

I have been concentrating on The Workers' Inspiration: Popular Education for Union Democracy. My plan is to get the intro section for each chapter and one activity into good enough shape to be viewed by the public.

I had initially planned to make them available only to registered users until they were in more finished form, but that would mean that a new visitor wouldn't really see much, and might not decide to register.

So, though they are not entirely finished, I am making them public in the hopes that they will make the site more useful to people.

This is not a pipe

I am collecting activities I have used in my English for Activists courses and other language teaching for a book on Participatory Techniques for Language Learning. Like Popular Education for Union Democracy, to get access to all the activities, and comment on, ask questions about, and contribute to the book, you need to register on this website. See "how to participate."

The book is here.

Draft intros and activities added

Registered users can now find draft intro material and activities for each chapter. There is much to tinker with, but it's a start. Feel free to ask questions about the activities and to offer corrections, improvements, doubts etc about them as well.

Getting started

I've been working on setting up the site (the software I am using -- Drupal -- is great, but with more control comes more work!).

  • I have started adding bits to the book, which I retitled. Two activities online so far (draft form, but usable): Challenging the Educators, and The Union Democracy and Power Line.
  • I've added several annotated links, still need to set up a page for viewing them.


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